Good Boy Protects Owner from Really No Good Wet Pants Prank

A very good doggo is going viral online for saving its female owner from a very uncomfortable prank – and he did it so valiantly.

The video, which is now going viral on Twitter with over 3 million views, was submitted by Japanese user @iyashi_no_time.

It starts with the woman appearing to be busy on her phone while her German Shepherd just chills behind her as it rests its head on her shoulder.

But when she stands up to do something on the night table beside the bed, the cameraman took out what seems to be a bottle of water.

Then the man begins to douse the pillow the woman was sitting on with the water. Luckily, her brave doggo was there to stop the prankster. The dog immediately tries to shoo away the man’s hand before laying its body on top of the pillow to stop him from going any further.

As she was about to sit back down on her spot, the woman suddenly noticed that her dog was there. Then, without hesitation, the good boy decided to just remove the pillow to save the owner from the uncomfortable prank.

When she realized what her dog did, she quickly took his head and gave the good pooch a very heartwarming hug.

Images screenshot via Twitter / @iyashi_no_time

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