Viral Video of Helpless Dog Being Dragged By Car Ignites the Fury of the Chinese Internet

The Chinese internet is absolutely furious after a gruesome and shocking viral video showed a man dragging a helpless dog with his SUV.
The video, shot in Shandong province, shows a dog tied to a rope attached to a moving SUV. The dog tries to keep up as the car accelerates but eventually falls and gets dragged by the car.
While it looks as if the driver would have just kept going, fortunately a crowd of angry people gathered in front of the vehicle and forced it to stop. Furious witnesses surrounded the car while some even dragged the driver out and began beating him. Unfortunately, the dog’s injuries were too severe and it died on the road as some gathered around it sobbing.
Eventually, police were called to restore order to the angry mob that had formed. A SWAT team was even called him to prevent any escalation of the incident.
The driver of the SUV was detained by police while they investigate the matter.
The video soon went viral on Weibo where tens of thousands of angry netizens called for the man to be jailed, tortured, dragged by a car and even put to death.
A  video the horrible incident is available below (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT):
Source: Shanghaiist
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