Dog Develops The Most Adorable Friendship With High Schooler Who’s About to Graduate

Dog Develops The Most Adorable Friendship With High Schooler Who’s About to Graduate
Ryan General
February 27, 2017
Ralph is a dog who spends most of his time peeking through the bottom of a gate waiting for his favorite friend to pass by.
As the dog lives near her school, Elisa would often come by and say hi, according to Metro.
“The first time I noticed him was when I was getting a ride home from my friend Jason,” Elisa narrated. “He peeked underneath the fence, and me being a dog lover wanted to pet him.”
Although her mom had previously warned her about petting dogs due to some breeds’ aggressive behavior, she found the courage to reach out to the pup the following day.
“The next day he was waiting there and my friends encouraged me to pet him and ever since then every day after school I would usually try to go pet him,” she said.

That was the day a special bond between them was formed. Since then, the dog has been seen peering out from under a gate, waiting patiently for Elisa to come by and pet him. Elisa made it a point to regularly visit the dog, say hello, and rub his face. Whenever the teenager bids her goodbye, Ralph lets her know that he becomes a little sad.

“When I tell him I’ve got to go or bye, he looks at me and paws of nibbles on my hand,” Elisa said. “Sometimes he gently holds onto my finger with his mouth. Maybe that’s a sign he wants me to stay. I don’t know.”

Elisa found out about Ralph’s name after talking to the dog’s owner once. She also learned that Ralph is just a year old. What Ralph’s owner doesn’t know yet is that Ralph has now gained internet celebrity status after Elisa shared cute pictures of Ralph on Twitter. So far, her first tweet has accumulated over 14,000 retweets and 49,000 hearts.
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“I think Ralph had taken a shine to me maybe because before kids would just walk by him and I was the only one who came to pet him all the time,” Elisa said. “Usually if he’s not in the spot he will still be playing in the yard, and if I call his name he goes to the little spot on the right of the gate where he can see me.”

For all the Ralph fans

— elisa (@babygirIe) February 23, 2017

“I think that it’s quite astonishing that many people love Ralph as much as I do. I’m happy that everyone can appreciate Ralph.”
Although Ralph and Elisa have something great going on between them for now, their daily meetings will soon have to end as Elisa will graduate school this year. And while Elisa will still try to find time visit Ralph from time to time, hopefully Ralph can find another friend to play with come next school year.
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