Dog in China Walks Alpaca On Leash Like a Good Boy, NBD

Dog in China Walks Alpaca On Leash Like a Good Boy, NBD
Ryan General
By Ryan General
April 11, 2018
An adorable little dog is winning hearts on Chinese social media for its unique ability to walk an alpaca on a leash.
The now-viral clip of the proper pooch leading its owner’s pet alpaca around northeast China was first posted on Pear Video and spread like wildfire.
The footage shows the good boy taking an alpaca named “Da Sheng” across the street. In the video, the schnauzer can be seen using his mouth to hold the leash and pulling the alpaca to walk.

According to Ms. Peng, the owner of both animals, she is happy that her dog is able to help her out by taking her alpacas around their hometown of Dalian, Liaoning Province.
Amused onlookers often stop and greet the pair wandering around the area, with some giving them treats, reports Mail Online

Ms. Peng, who bought the two Australian alpacas for 60,000 yuan ($9,572), said her schnauzer is particularly close with Da Sheng, the dog’s preferred companion during walks.
“People got confused. They asked me if Da Sheng is a camel or a sheep,” she said of people’s reactions to her exotic pet.

“The alpacas went in quarantine for 45 days in Lanzhou when I arrived. The hole in their ear marks as a proof of their identity when they left Australia,” she revealed.
Images via Pear Video
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