Dog Café in Kyoto is Every Pug-Lovers Dream

Dog Café in Kyoto is Every Pug-Lovers DreamDog Café in Kyoto is Every Pug-Lovers Dream
This pug café in Kyoto might just be the best thing you’ll see today.
Although animal cafés are almost normal to Japanese people, the concept is uncanny to those who are just visiting the country. While you might have heard of famous owl and cat cafés, this pug café is another attraction that deserves attention on its own.
If you happen to find yourself in Kyoto, be sure to include a place called Dog Salon Living Room in your itinerary. This is a special café that is exclusive for pug and human interaction.
According to RocketNews24, the café currently has 11 adorable pugs. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about 11 big-eyed pugs that want nothing more than your attention – and definitely a few treats too.
For those who are interested in visiting the pug café, there are two available options for guests. For only $4, you can get one drink plus an hour to spend time with these little fluffs. But for a bargain price of $9, you get unlimited drinks and unlimited time with the pups. Did someone just say the word “bargain”?
The café also offers snacks for their guests and if these pugs pull their “puppy eyes” trick while you chow on your food, you can also buy dog snacks to give them as treats.
However, because of its popularity and the café and its relatively small size, guests are required to make a reservation before visiting.
You can visit their website here, where you can see announcements, photos, and a profile of each pug you’ll be looking forward to meet.
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