Dog Buries His Dead Puppy Brother in Heartbreaking Scene in Thailand

Dog Buries His Dead Puppy Brother in Heartbreaking Scene in ThailandDog Buries His Dead Puppy Brother in Heartbreaking Scene in Thailand
This is the moment a dog was filmed burying his dead brother who was reportedly struck by a car on Wednesday in Buriram, northeast Thailand.
The video, posted to YouTube by ViralHog on Thursday, shows the dog using his nose to move dirt over his brother as his body lies in a shallow grave, according to the Daily Mail.
He then goes in to sniff his lifeless sibling for the last time before going on with the burial.
One viewer noted that the animal wasn’t using his paws to fill the hole.
Pay attention to his behavior. He’s not using his paws. He’s using his nose to displace dirt. Is it him showing respect? Dogs are wonderful,” they commented.
Some thought the clip revealed a very touching moment.
I feel so bad for this poor dog,” one wrote, while another said, “They must have been really good brothers.
I’m a 16-year-old guy but I legit wanted to cry, I would do anything for the dog who was pushing the dirt,” another commented.
Other users, however, were skeptical of the video.
You’ll find out in a week when he digs it up and eats it,” one wrote.
He’s burying it so no other animal eats it before he’s hungry himself,” another pointed out.
In 2013, a viral video showed a dog approaching a dead puppy in a ditch, and it acted in much the same way as the dog in the footage above.
The animal’s behavior was described as “an act of mourning,” according to the Huffington Post.
But New York-based animal-behavior consultant Peter Borchelt disagrees, saying: “I suspect it was more likely just caching dead meat, rather than a soulful response to the demise of a puppy that it wanted to bury.
He added: “I wouldn’t want to go so far as to say that the dog is saving the puppy to eat for later because that might not be the issue — it might not have the need. But it’s still a piece of this instinctive thing. Here’s meat, here’s a bone — I’ll bury it.
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