Dog Brutally Impaled by Arrows Thankfully Gets a Happy Ending

Students from Chengdu university in China were shocked to find a small dog struck with arrows walking near their campus last Tuesday.
The poor pup was in dire need of immediate medical attention when it was spotted on a street across from the Sichuan University of Information and Engineering building. The blood-stained animal had long arrows protruding from its wounded neck and shoulder.
One of the students who saw the dog was Weibo user @Renhui, who immediately posted a photo online to get attention to its plight, China Youth Daily reported (via Shanghaiist).
Rescuers from the Sichuan Qiming Animal Protection Center arrived immediately to provide help. Initial attempts to remove the arrows from the dog were foiled, however, as it got frightened and escaped.
The volunteers eventually caught the dog and brought it to the Qiming Center for immediate care and treatment. Miraculously, the dog did not sustain any serious injury to its vital internal organs.
This is not the first time that a dog is found impaled with arrows in China. Just this year, two similar cases had been reported. In August, an arrow-struck dog was found walking in Wuhan Province, while in May, rescuers saved a dog found in Beijing which was impaled with an arrow on its head.
In China, where there is currently no law prohibiting animal abuse, and dog meat demand remains high. The local Public Security Bureau was later quoted in local media stating that under Chinese law, it is illegal to use mechanical and compound bows. Normal bows, however, are considered allowable and is commonly used by dog catchers.
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