Doctors Extract 9-Foot Tapeworm From Singaporean Man’s Rectum

Doctors Extract 9-Foot Tapeworm From Singaporean Man’s RectumDoctors Extract 9-Foot Tapeworm From Singaporean Man’s Rectum
A nine-foot tapeworm emerged from the rectum of a man in Singapore and had to be folded 18 times so that it would fit into a picture.
The man, who felt no symptoms, was admitted at Singapore General Hospital for the removal.
The tapeworm measured 9 foot and 2 inches (2.8 meters), according to The Straits Times.
Doctors are uncertain of its source but an egg examination revealed that it most likely came from fish.
Hsu Li Yang, an infectious diseases expert, said that no other parasite could grow so long.
“The patient was somewhat appalled when the worm was passed out via the rectum,” he said of the 2016 case that was only publicized recently. “The question is what tapeworm, which will also help answer how the patient had acquired the worm.”
Hsu suspects that cases of fish tapeworms are on the rise in Singapore, just like other developed countries with increasing consumption of raw rish.
While some of those infected may not feel anything, others can experience nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and even bloody diarrhea — symptoms suffered by a California man who had a 5-foot tapeworm.
Tapeworms, among other parasites, can come from raw or undercooked seafood, beef and pork. As such, experts advise thorough preparation and cooking.
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