Do You Live in the Smartest Town in Your State?

Do You Live in the Smartest Town in Your State?Do You Live in the Smartest Town in Your State?
Max Chang
September 12, 2014
It’s easy to tell which towns or cities in your state have tons of money just by looking at them, but what about brains?
The Census Bureau runs an annual survey called the American Community Survey that gathers demographics on the population of the U.S.- one factor being education levels.
Courtesy of Business Insider, the ACS from 2008-2012 was compiled into a map that shows towns with a population of over 1000 with the highest number of adults over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
These are the most educated towns in each state (click to enlarge)
educationmap l
According to Business Insider, most of these towns are suburbs of major cities. Some are actual college towns, which would make sense, but in the case of some states like California and Mississippi, the highest ranking place was an actual college campus, so BI removed college campuses from the graphic.
Here is the list in ranked order:
most educated places table
Source: Business Insider
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