Shocking DNA Test Reveals Twin Chinese Brothers are from 2 Different Fathers

Shocking DNA Test Reveals Twin Chinese Brothers are from 2 Different Fathers
Carl Samson
March 28, 2019
A night of infidelity for a mother in southeastern China has been discovered following a DNA test which revealed that her twin sons were born to two different fathers.
The shocking result came to light after the mother, who lives in Xiamen, requested for a paternity test in fulfillment of her sons’ birth registration requirements.
The test carried out at the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center showed that one of the twins had no biological relationship to their father, according to the Strait Herald.
Twins having two fathers is a rare occurrence known as heteropaternal superfecundation, which happens in an estimated one out of 13,000 pregnancies, The Guardian reported.
Such takes place when a woman engages in sex with two different men within 24 hours before or after ovulation, resulting in the fertilization of two eggs.
The mother initially accused her husband of tampering the results, but eventually admitted to having a one-night stand after his repeated questioning, Beijing Time noted.
However, it turned out that her husband had actually been suspicious for a while, seeing that one of the boys looked different.
It’s unclear what the fate of the illegitimate child will be, as the woman’s husband is “happy to raise his own child, but not the one from someone else,” according to the Daily Mail.
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