Badass Taiwanese DJ Beats Up Thief in LA For Stealing Her Phone

A popular female DJ from Taiwan was almost robbed of her smartphone inside a club in Los Angeles but she refused to back down and ended up beating up the thief.

Lin Chia-ling (林嘉凌), AKA DJ Maze, was enjoying a night out with friends at a local club in L.A. on July 9th when the incident happened, according to Taiwan News.

The alleged thief, who Maze identified as a Mexican woman, was reportedly part of a syndicate that operates within clubs’ premises.

It was found that the gang would quickly smuggle the phones out of the club as soon as they were taken from the owners. Such tactic made it difficult for the owners to retrieve their gadgets. The scam was so effective that many clubbers that night were victimized and found that their phones have also disappeared.

Maze narrated that she first noticed a woman who seemed to be busy taking pictures of the club but was way too close to her. She then felt the woman’s other hand making its way into her own handbag and grabbed her smartphone.

When Maze confronted the woman, she was bold enough to challenge her to search her.

The Taiwanese DJ’s  heated exchange with the woman immediately developed into a brawl. Maze said she pulled her opponent down and hit her on the head with her fists.

While the fight resulted in Maze suffering minor injuries on her hands and legs, she was at least able to retrieve her phone back.

The other clubbers, however, went home without their phones that night.

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