Aussie DJ Sentenced to Life in Thai Prison After Getting Caught With Ecstasy

Australian Jake Mastroianni was an up-and-coming DJ who has been living the hard-partying jet-setting lifestyle. As “DJ Badmouth,” he got to travel the world and party with gorgeous women.

Everything changed for the 26-year-old from Melbourne, however, after he got caught with illegal substances and was served with two life sentences in one of the worst possible places in the world to get jailed: Thailand.

The traveling DJ, who was reportedly caught carrying drugs, is serving his sentences at the notoriously crowded and dangerous Klong Prem prison, Daily Mail reported. His sentence could have been reportedly much lighter if Mastroianni had pleaded guilty, but he was advised by his previous lawyers not to.

An appeal to have him transferred to an Australian prison after serving six years has been requested but it’s up to the Thai courts if it will be approved.

Before his arrest, Mastroianni was seen playing at Thailand’s exclusive clubs and full moon parties. He had just visited China and Spain to DJ in 2014 when authorities apprehended him in Pattaya for carrying 61 ecstasy pills. Earlier this week, he lost an appeal to reduce his double-life sentence.

Nowadays, Mastroianni spends his time inside a crowded prison known for its hostile environment where diseases are easily transmitted, violence is everywhere and the only girlfriends he can have are the ‘ladyboy’ inmates who are quite popular inside.

According to Reuters, a Klong Prem jail cell, which is just 1.5 by 3 meters, holds up to five prisoners where they sleep side-by-side on blue mattresses. The cell also has a small hole in the floor that serves as the inmates’ toilet.

Thailand’s ‘war on drugs’, which was announced in 2003, is still in effect and continuously bestows harsh verdicts to convicted felons.

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