Nepalese Hindus Celebrate Dogs for Their Version of Diwali Called Kukur Tihar

In Nepal, there is a holiday that celebrates dogs.

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Called “Kukur Tihar“, it falls on the same day as the Hindu holiday, Choti Diwali.

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Dogs are decked with garlands of flowers — usually marigolds.

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They are also adorned with red “tika” on their foreheads.

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The mark symbolizes good luck, bravery, auspiciousness, and other positive traits.

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The reason for this holiday is as special as these good doggos.

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In one of Hinduism’s oldest texts, the mother of dogs, Samara, helps retrieve the stolen cattle of Indra, the ruler of heaven.

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The dog is the messenger and guardian of Yama, the ruler of the dead.

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It is said that a dog also guards the gates of the afterlife.

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In another sacred text, the king of righteousness, Yudhishthira, vehemently refused to enter heaven without his beloved canine companion.

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Dogs also represent the concept of dharma, otherwise known as the path of righteousness.

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Dogs are cherished, thanked, and honored for being trusted, loyal friends.

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Not just pets — even stray dogs are celebrated on Kukur Tihar!

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If dogs could speak, they’d probably say their favorite part about the holiday is the food.

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They may receive treats such as meat, eggs, milk, or high-quality dog food.

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The dogs must love all the attention and praise they receive on Kukur Tihar.

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Some cats even get in on this holiday!

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Although not all of them enjoy it.

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Maybe Kukur Tihar is best left up to the doggos.

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Thank you for being our best friends!

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