Kid Tries to Be Like Olympic Divers By Jumping Off a Bridge — Gets Seriously Injured

A 17 year old suffered serious bodily injuries after attempting to dive off a 25-meter high bridge. 

The boy who is from Jiangxi, China, chose to jump off Xinjiang Bridge, a platform that is about two and a half times taller than the highest diving board at the Rio Olympics. The incident was documented by the teen’s friends who uploaded the video to Youku, reported Shanghaiist.

Unfortunately for the 17 year old, his dive did not go as well as he expected. Instead of a smooth plunge into the water, the teenager ended up with a nasty belly-flop. He scored a trip to the hospital after suffering thoracic fractures and lung injuries from the impact.

While belly flops can be funny, improper diving techniques are no joke. According to CNN, experts believe that individuals can reach speeds of up to 40 mph when diving off a 10-meter or approximately 33 feet board. Entering the water with a belly-flop at such high speeds can lead to bruising of the skin and even abdominal trauma.

Think twice before you jump!

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