Disturbing Video Shows Gang of Male Guests Groping Bridesmaid at a Chinese Wedding

A disturbing footage showing a bridesmaid being groped by a couple of male guests at a wedding party went viral on Chinese social media. The recent news has alarmed many viewers about the disturbing nature of Chinese wedding antics.
Just last month, a video showing a newlywed couple being forced to have sex in front of their guests raised concerns. This time, another troubling case of a bridesmaid being assaulted during a wedding party in China caught several netizens attention.
This is one of the many videos that have recently surfaced showing abusive behaviors from perverse Chinese wedding guests.
The video starts showing a woman who is believed to be a bridesmaid being forced on a bed by several male wedding guests while they fondle all over her body.
As the woman struggled to get up, another man pressed his hand over her head to prevent the woman from standing up. Even when she attempted to cover her chest, another male guest managed to slip his hand into her dress to grope her.
While this scenario is totally unacceptable if it had happened in another country, this antic is considered “normal” as can be seen from the reactions of the men who all seem to be having a good time.
No one bothered to offer help but instead, many of them pulled out their phones to take photos and videos of what was happening.
According to Daily Mail, this video was posted on China video-sharing platform Miaopai and has since attracted more than a million views. The user who uploaded the video captioned it: “Happy Zhangjiang: It is too disgusting. A video shows a bridesmaid being molested at a wedding.”
The short video footage caused uproar among social media users with one saying, “These antics should be abolished.”
“They are a group of beasts,” another user said.
There are a number of similar wedding videos that emerged on Chinese social media recently which shows the rude behaviors of guests as well as the sexually suggestive games played in some weddings in China.
This kind of tradition of playing pranks on a wedding day is deemed natural and bridesmaids – who apparently get the worst treatment – are getting more scared to perform their obligations. Because of this, more and more Chinese brides are forced to hire “bridesmaid professionals” who are willing to do wedding responsibilities in exchange for money.
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