Disturbing Video Captures Dog Being Dragged By Speeding Truck In China

A terrifying video of a dog being dragged behind a pick-up truck has surfaced in Chinese social media.

In the clip, the poor animal was dragged helplessly as the truck drove at a frightening speeds. Unable to stand up due to the speed, the dog was dragged flat on its stomach as the truck sped up along the road.

The shocking footage, reportedly taken on September 18 in Chaozhou, China, was posted on local site bbs.pnwww.com. The video uploader noted that the driver was not aware that the dog was tied to the vehicle, reports the Daily Mail. The post further stated that the dog’s owner lent the truck to the person driving in the video.

The person who posted the video also claimed that dog survived the ordeal, sustaining only minor injuries and has since returned home to his owner.

“Whether done intentionally or not, this dog would have suffered a great deal when the skin was torn off his or her body while being dragged behind the truck,” PETA UK Director Elisa Allen told Daily Mail.  

“We urge authorities to act quickly to ensure that the dog has received any necessary veterinary treatment and caution drivers to check their vehicles before starting the engine as small dogs and cats sometimes seek shelter under cars.”

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