Disturbing Photos Show ‘Black Rain’ Pouring Down on Chinese Neighborhood

A terrified Chinese village woke up one morning to a sky raining down a black substance on Monday. 
The light drizzle turned the neighborhood into a disturbing sight, reported the Paper (via Shanghaiist). Images of parked cars, hanging laundry and people out on the street drenched in black liquid looked as if they were stills taken from a horror movie.  
Even with China’s notorious air pollution, such a phenomenon has never occurred in the area and has got some of the locals worried. A huge problem in major cities across China, pollution has continued to pose a threat to Chinese public health. A University of California at Berkeley report last year estimated that 1.6 million people in China die each year from heart, lung and stroke problems caused of polluted air.
Fortunately, the incident was really not something to be alarmed with. The community would later be relieved to know that the “black rain” was just caused by an accident during the demolition of a nearby factory.  Workers reportedly ruptured a tank filled with raw petroleum powder by accident, spraying the dark material into the air before it was carried by winds and brought down on the unsuspecting village when the rain poured. Still, petroleum powder rain doesn’t sound too healthy.
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