Disturbing Footage Shows Chinese Father Mercilessly Beating Daughter in Front of Son

A video of brutal public child abuse has sparked outrage among Chinese netizens.

The horrific video shows a father violently hitting his daughter and swinging her body against a wall in a supermarket in Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province — all because she took her little brother out of the store for a snack without his permission.

In the video, the father ca be seen walking up to the daughter as she drops to the floor in fear. The father then grabs her and smacks her before grabbing her leg and swinging her body into a wall before throwing her as her little brother watches helplessly.

The father then takes a broom and viciously hits his daughter as she cowers against a wall before bystanders rush to intervene. The little girl was beat for almost 40 seconds.

The little girl can be seen getting up and limping away as the bystanders talk to the father.

The father, identified as Wei, was arrested afterwards. According to local police, he will be held in detention for 14 days, though his fate after the sentence is not yet clear.

According to a police statement (via Shanghaiist), Wei is a divorced father with custody of the two children. He told police he became furious after his daughter didn’t ask him if she could take her little brother out of the store to buy a snack with 10 RMB she had on her.

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