Filipino American Nurse Known as ‘Disneyland Panda’ Dies of COVID-19

Filipino American Nurse Known as ‘Disneyland Panda’ Dies of COVID-19Filipino American Nurse Known as ‘Disneyland Panda’ Dies of COVID-19
A Filipino American nurse, who has gained a following on Instagram as the “Disneyland Panda,” has succumbed to COVID-19.  
Joshua Obra, 29, died on July 6 following a 26-day battle with the disease, a family member confirmed in an emotional Instagram post on Friday.
“Thank you to everyone who has prayed for josh during his battle against covid-19. he fought hard those 26 days from when his symptoms started, but now he is with God,” his younger sister Jasmine wrote. “I know I was the person he was most close to here. we were never apart. I also know I was too hard on him sometimes, but I hope he knew it was out of love. he’s so kind and selfless, wanting to make everyone happy.”
A fan of Disneyland theme parks, Obra was known for his popular Disneyland account @disneylandpanda where his over 25,000 followers can delight in the photos of parks that he visited. On his account biography, the self-proclaimed “Pandalorian” listed seven Disney related adventures he’s been to, including Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort and Disney Cruise Line.
Jasmine, who is now waiting on her own test results, wrote in a subsequent Instagram Story post that she is thankful that she was able to work with her brother before he got infected. 
“I’m so blessed that he was able to teach me some parts of how to be a nurse while we were able to work together before we both got sick,” she wrote. “I’m happy he was able to share his love for Disney, visit all of the Disney parks, and travel some of the world. I’m so happy he was able to follow his passion in photography. I’m so blessed we were able to be so close through all these things, so blessed to be his little sister.”
Joshua was recently given a touching tribute by a local news station that previously featured him and his theme park fascination. 
“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our favorite Eyewitnesses,” ABC7 wrote in a caption on Instagram. “He passed away Monday from complications due to COVID-19.”
“Josh was a sweet and kind man, and a talented photographer. You can tell from his Instagram handle that he was a huge Disney fan, and he participated in many Disney and ABC7 events and initiatives over the years. He was someone you could depend on, and was always very generous with his time and talent,” added the station.
Born and raised in Southern California, Joshua reportedly got his love of Disney from his family who took him regularly in his youth.
“His family has been going to Disneyland since he was a kid, and now, he and his sister are annual passholders. The weekend shutterbug says he’s inspired by his fellow photographers, and lives by this motto: the shots you take today are the memories of tomorrow.”
Feature Image via disneylandpanda
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