Shocking Video Shows How Uncivilized Chinese Tourists Behave at Shanghai Disneyland

Recently, YouTube vlogger Disney Dwayne and his friend Adrian visited the newly-opened Disneyland in Shanghai, China. While most of his experiences were positive, he couldn’t help but notice the antics of the notoriously “uncivilized” Chinese tourists around him, so he pulled out his camera and started filming.

“One thing you got to get used to is being pushed and shoved around here in Shanghai,” he says at the start of the video.

In the video, you can see crowds of people cutting in front of lines, people invading Dwayne’s personal space, and even public urination.

Apparently, there was even crazier footage that Dwayne was unable to capture. He wrote on the video’s description:

“DisneyDwayne finds out what the general behavior of the crowds are like in Shanghai Disneyland. Be prepared! (What I didn’t capture was a little girl who pulled her shorts down. She was naked and running around for a good amount of time. I just couldn’t and it would be wrong to film it. Also another bunch of schoolgirls who were pulling and snatching for more stickers than already offered to them by a Cast Member. Not forgetting a whole crowd of people opening every emergency exit door they saw to go exploring).”

Even before Shanghai Disneyland was open, ten of thousands of tourists had already trashed the theme park. This forced the Shanghai government to released an etiquette guide for tourists, which lists six things they should not do: littering, defacing public facilities, harming plants and trees, lying down in the grass, cutting in line and general uncivilized behavior, according to Shanghaiist.

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