Disgruntled Worker Pens Extremely Passive-Aggressive Resignation Letter to Her Boss

Well, you know what they say: If you’re going to go out, go out with a bang.
Redditor Gahdzuks posted the above resignation letter allegedly directed at her boss, who apparently shows a lack of empathy and appreciation for his employee’s work.
Some of the Reddit comments, however, were unsympathetic and criticized the school worker’s letter for being inappropriate. She then defended herself:

“I’m a punctual, trustworthy employee who mostly keeps to herself. But all you have seen of me is what amounts to a misposted rant that did result in a professionally worded two-week notice. It is unfortunate.”

The former school worker also said that what she posted was the first draft and that the real resignation letter “was more clear and bereft of passive-aggressive speech.”
Don’t you wish you could someday give a superior a piece of your mind the next time he/she is being ungrateful?
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