Woman’s Hand Disfigured After Using Phone Non-Stop For a Week

Woman’s Hand Disfigured After Using Phone Non-Stop For a Week
Ryan General
October 23, 2018
A Chinese woman developed a bizarre hand deformity after tapping and scrolling non-stop on her phone for a week.   
According to local media, the unnamed woman from Changsha took an entire week off from work to unwind.
Instead of traveling outdoors during her vacation, however, the woman spent most of her time focused on her smartphone. Based on the report from Pear Video (via Shanghaiist), she only would let go of her device when she fell asleep at night.
The woman soon began experiencing severe pain in her right hand until eventually being unable to move her fingers properly. Eventually, her fingers got stuck in a “phone-holding position.”
With her now deformed hand, she sought medical attention at a local hospital.
Her doctor diagnosed her condition as tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath (called the synovium) that surrounds a tendon.
Caused by infectious or noninfectious cause, such as diabetes, arthritis or overuse, the condition usually results in joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.
Fortunately, the woman regained normal movement in her hand after treatment and was able to get back on scrolling on her phone. 
In the video. the doctor advised his patient and the public to keep cellphone use in moderation as hands also need some rest.
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