Disfigured and Homeless Man Wins the Heart of a Beautiful Wife, Agrees to Be Homeless With Him

Although Yin Jianxing may not have world-class looks, his voice, heroism and altruism have already won him a dedicated wife and honors from a local charity organization.
According to the Chinese state-run People’s Daily Online, Yin is originally from northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province. He was severely burned in 2006 after rescuing 13 people from a fire.
He has since earned a living by singing on the streets of southwest China’s Chongqing city. Over the past seven years, Yin has donated more than 300,000 yuan ($46,285) to the needy.
His wife, Wang Haili, fell in love with the kindhearted Yin even though he reportedly lives a vagrant lifestyle. She married him and lives as a vagrant with him, despite her family’s objections.
The couple sometimes make extra money by embroidering.
After doing charity work in Chonqing, the couple was honored as two of the “Moral Models of Shaanxi Province” in October by the city’s Family Volunteers Association.
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