Controversy erupts after ASU student confrontation over ‘Police Lives Matter’ sticker in multicultural space

Arizona State University Students Defending Multiculturalism

Two Arizona State University (ASU) students of color were found to have violated university policy after an exchange with two white students at the Tempe campus’ newly formed multicultural center went viral.

The students, Mastaani Qureshi and Sarra Tekola, who identify as Pakistani and Black respectively, responded to ASU’s investigation with a video, which gave their account of the events. 

In the clip posted to Instagram, they described the incident involving two white students entering the multicultural center with a “police lives matter” sticker, an anti-Biden T-shirt and other ideologically-linked items, including a Chick-fil-A cup. 

In the original video, a confrontation between Qureshi and Tekola and two white men, one of whom has been identified as Chase Beckerman, occurs. Quereshi and Tekola, who are behind the camera, tell the men “this is our space” and “you’re making this space uncomfortable.”

“Every single part of the campus centers you,” one of them says. “This is the only space that you’re not centered, and you’re still trying to center yourself.” The men respond by filming as well, saying, “We’re getting kicked out, can’t do school. You just said we have to leave.” 

Both Qureshi and Tekola say they have faced violent threats since the incident occurred. After being found in violation of ASU policy, the two students were told to “prepare a reflection commenting on how [they] might approach such a situation in the future to facilitate a civil dialogue.” 

They maintain they will not participate in the remedial activity. 

​​ASU’s Dean of Students Office declined to comment on the incident, saying in an email: “ASU’s multicultural spaces are open to all students,” and that the school is “committed to the free and robust exchange of ideas and to intellectual freedom and free expression, even on difficult topics.”

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