Filipino Netizens Praise Disabled Man for Volunteering to Direct Traffic

Netizens are praising a disabled man for his selfless deed in directing traffic on a busy street in Paco, a district in Manila, Philippines.

The man, only identified by his first name as Iking, can be seen in the now-viral video directing traffic on a hot day as he holds his crutches.

Despite his disability, Iking continues to do his volunteer work with a smile on his face, according to Gian Garcia, who first posted his video on Facebook on Sept. 26.

One comment claims that Iking lives with his wife on the street near the area where he was filmed. Rain or shine, the “local hero” continues to do his volunteer work to direct traffic.

The 32-year-old man reportedly helps the traffic flow during the morning and afternoon rush hour. According to the commenters, he can usually be found at the Quirino Extension near Pandacan to Paco, Penafrancia.

Touched by Iking’s selflessness, Garcia and his companion decided to give the man 100 Philippine pesos ($1.84) as a gift.

Garcia hopes that the video helps other people have a more positive outlook on life and feel inspired to pursue what they want despite having a disability.

Images via Facebook / Gian Garcia

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