‘Nobody’s gonna know’: Chinese restaurant serving sesame chicken using dino-shaped nuggets goes viral

dinosaur nugget viral tiktok

A humorous TikTok reveals a Chinese restaurant used dinosaur-shaped nuggets to make their sesame chicken.

The ‘hard knock life’: In the now-viral video uploaded to TikTok on Nov. 3, a stainless chafing tray of dinosaur-shaped nuggets that appear to be cooked and covered with sesame and sauce can be seen.

  • The video by @dinonuggies4life2021 is captioned, “Things really do be rough out there 😂” with hashtags including “#foodfail,” “#foodshortage2021” and “#chickenshortage.”
@dinonuggies4life2021Things really do be rough out here 😂 ##PINKHolidayRemix ##fyp ##viral ##foodfail ##chinese ##dinonuggies ##foodshortaage2021 ##chickenshortage♬ It’s The Hard Knock Life – Annie Movie

  • The user also wrote, “Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing?” on the video along with the background music of the song “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” from the film “Annie” used as background music.
  • Since it’s gone viral, @dinonuggies4life2021 has reposted the same video multiple times to feature some of the comments from the original video. An example of this is from the comment, “They’ll never know. They’re gonna know” paired with the “Nobody’s Gonna Know” TikTok audio.
@dinonuggies4life2021Reply to @dustinsumners 😂😂 thats perfect! ##nobodysgonnaknow♬ original sound – DinoNuggies

The location and name of the Chinese restaurant remain unknown.

Featured Image via @dinonuggies4life2021

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