Diners From Dubai Get $61,000 Bill For Dinner at Shanghai Restaurant

Diners From Dubai Get $61,000 Bill For Dinner at Shanghai RestaurantDiners From Dubai Get $61,000 Bill For Dinner at Shanghai Restaurant
Authorities are investigating a restaurant in Shanghai after an image of a dinner receipt amounting to 418,245 yuan ($61,000) went viral on Chinese social media.
Users of social media platform Weibo expressed shock over the exorbitant bill paid by a group of eight people for a 20-dish meal at Maggie’s Restaurant (西郊5号), Xinhua Net reports.
Weibo user @Snake_Kane posted the photo of the receipts along with some images of the dishes. The posts have since been removed.
According to Shanghaiist, the items on the receipt are as follows:
Organic Pickles $5.54
Crispy Salty Chicken $14.29
Abalone with Braised Pepper $20.13
Snail Cooked in Sauce $17.21
Braised Pork with Soju $14.29
Fennel Roots $8.46
Asparagus $11.37
Cold Dish $9.92
Premium Caviar $729 x 8
Half Abalone with Sake Jelly $1,866 x 8
Yangtze River Crab $408 x 8
Duck with Olive $421
Salt-seared Miyazaki Steak $230 x 8
Shrimp Roe with Crispy Sea Cucumber $58 x 8
Crocodile Tail Soup $2,449
Wild Yellow Croaker $2,303 x 7.4
Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce $845 x 8
Boiled Giant Conch $230 x 8.6
Xiahehe $8.46 x 8
Zhonghua Cigarette $12.83
Chauffeur’s meal $80.21
Double Flavor Cake in Wine Sauce $5.54 x 8
Yunnan Dianhong Tea 82.84
Coke $2.63 x 8
Orange Juice $39
Service fee $5,542
Based on the bill charged to the customer named 大海 (Ocean), the priciest item was the Crocodile Tail Soup which cost them 16,800 yuan ($2,449). There was also an incredible charge for a service fee of 37,944.60 yuan ($5,542).
Another report claimed that the group also paid 480,000 yuan ($70,000) for alcohol and drinks.
A video of the expensive dinner being prepared by the chef later emerged online and became widely shared. In the clip, the chef claimed that he was using a 2,000-year-old salt plate in cooking the steak.
Staff at Maggie’s Restaurant initially claimed that the receipt was fake and told the local press that they don’t even offer some of the dishes on the bill. However, Sun Zhaoguo, the restaurant’s owner/chef would later admit that they did serve the $61,000 meal.
According to Sun, he cooked the meal for a customer from Dubai and his friends.
“That’s nothing at all in Dubai,” Sun was quoted as saying.
Changning District Market Regulation sent an investigation team to the restaurant on Wednesday to look into the incident. The findings of the investigation have yet to be made public.
Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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