Diners Shocked After Rat Falls From Ceiling and Dies in Shanghai Hot Pot Restaurant

Shrieks and cries of disgust filled the room of a hot pot restaurant in Shanghai after a rat fell from the ceiling and died on a serving cart.

The incident happened on Friday night, according to Shanghaiist. Several Chinese diners of a popular hot pot chain outlet, Sichuan Xiang Tianxia, were frightened when they witnessed the rodent die in front of them — on top of an empty serving cart.

Witnesses recounted seeing it flop and writhe before it took its last breath and died.

While servers of the hot pot restaurant tried to be quick with disposing the rodent’s body, some patrons still managed to take photos and videos of the incident.

I heard this sudden ‘thud’ and figured something had fallen,” said Yuan, a diner who was at the restaurant at the time, according to Global Times. “I asked my friend next to me, who took one look at the rat and, without saying a word, jumped out of his seat.”

Authorities said exterminators had sprayed poison in the restaurant the previous day to get rid of the rat infestation.

As a sign of courtesy, the restaurant waived the bill of the customers. But the gesture didn’t stop the Yangpu District Market Supervision and Managment Bureau from closing the branch until further notice following the incident.

There is no official word yet from the management as to when the restaurant will reopen to the public.

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