DTF in Australia Has Rainbow XLBs For a Limited Time Only

din tai fung

If you’re a fan of cute foods in Sydney or Melbourne, Australia, then you are in luck as Din Tai Fung Australia is offering a giant colorful rainbow Xiao Long Bao (XLB) dumpling.

The Giant Rainbow Dumpling was first announced late last month as a limited edition menu item, according to its initial announcement on Instagram. It is apparently seven times larger than the regular XLB and comes in an assortment of colors.

The XLB was launched as a celebration for Vivid Sydney, an annual festival of lights, music, and ideas that is held in Sydney. The initial limited edition ran from May 24 to June 6.

But due to massive demand, the restaurant chain decided to push the limited edition to run until Saturday, June 15.

You asked and we listened. We’re extending the availability of our Giant Rainbow Dumplings and you can now enjoy them at any of our Sydney and Melbourne venues until 15 June!” the company wrote in its Instagram post.

Each order cost at 9.80 Australian dollars ($6.84) and is available at every Din Tai Fung branches in Sydney and Melbourne.

Images via Instagram / dintaifungaustralia

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