Didi Driver Pulls Knife on Passenger, Demands He Delete Negative Review

A driver from the ride-sharing mobile app Didi Chixung was recently exposed online after he deliberately pulled out a knife on a passenger for giving him a bad review.

The incident occurred over the weekend in Zhaoqing in southeast China’s Guangdong province, according to Shanghaiist.

The unnamed driver, presumably after realizing that the passenger left him a negative review, quickly ran out of his car and confronted the man while carrying a rather large knife behind him, as seen in the passerby footage posted on Chinese social media last weekend.

He demanded the passenger give him a positive review. Once the man complied to the aggravated driver’s demand, the latter allowed the passenger to leave and go on his way.

Fortunately, the police have already arrested the extortionist driver and they are now investigating the case.

This is not actually the first incident where an online store – or someone providing services and operating through a mobile app – harasses customers after receiving bad reviews.

In September last year, a restaurant reportedly sent a group of thugs to beat up the woman who wrote a bad review for the barbecue they ordered. Then the following month, a woman was terribly beaten by a delivery driver who was under the impression that she would report him for terrible customer service for being late with the order.

Then earlier this year, in January, a Taobao vendor actually traveled 860 kilometers (534 miles) just to beat the woman who gave him a bad review.

Images screenshot via Pear Video

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