Green Bay Packers Devin Funchess apologizes for using anti-Asian slur

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Devin Funchess has apologized for using an anti-Asian slur during a media conference after a practice match at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

What happened: When asked by reporters if it is difficult to spot a smile under a mask, Funchess said, “I can tell you were smiling when I see your face. I can see your face. Everybody goes ch*nky and that’s when I know,” according to Packers News.

  • Shortly after the press conference, Funchess took to Twitter to apologize for using the slur.

  • “I want to apologize for the disparaging remark I used tonight,” he wrote. “It was not OK. I have grown to develop deep personal and business relationships in the Asian community! I meant no harm, and those that know me, know I have love and respect for all cultures and people. I will learn from this and will continue to grow as a person. I’m forever sorry!”
  • Although Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst addressed the slur and called it “very unacceptable,” he said Funchess will remain with the team and will not be released “at the moment,” ESPN reported.
  • “I do think he’s sincerely remorseful and will hopefully learn from this,” Gutekunst said, mentioning that they have already addressed the issue with Funchess, who now knows “it’s unacceptable.”
  • “He will [learn], and hopefully our team can learn from this and we’ll move forward,” the general manager added. “I do want to say that is something that is not condoned and it doesn’t live up to what we believe here with the Green Bay Packers.”

Support and backlash: Funchess received a flood of support from his followers and fans on social media, some even accepting his apology.

  • However, some Twitter users still called out Funchess for what he did, including Rep. Francesca Hong (D-WI) and CBS Miami anchor Frances Wang, NBC News reported.

Featured Image via Green Bay Packers

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