‘You got dominated’: Detroit DUST claps back after video of man embarrassing its founder goes viral

‘You got dominated’: Detroit DUST claps back after video of man embarrassing its founder goes viral
DUST Detroit

A trainer for Detroit D.U.S.T (Detroit Urban Survival Training) has clapped back on the Asian man who embarrassed him during his class.

December 30, 2021
A trainer for Detroit Urban Survival Training (D.U.S.T.) has clapped back at the Asian man who embarrassed him during one of his classes by releasing a video of the man being “dominated and disarmed.”
What happened: The exchange started on Monday when Twitter user @TheIanMMA shared a short video of his friend and training partner Kenji embarrassing Dale Brown, a D.U.S.T. trainer and founder of the Threat Management Center.
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  • In the clip, which has garnered more than 5 million views so far, Kenji can be seen pulling away and “shooting” Brown as the latter demonstrates how to defend oneself during a close encounter with someone with a gun. Kenji pulled the same stunt when the duo reset, “shooting” Brown again in the chest.
  • Some Twitter users turned the situation into a meme while making fun of Brown.
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  • Meanwhile, social media users on Reddit criticized D.U.S.T. for its training program.
  • Keep seeing this dude pop up on Tik [Tok] with ‘survival’ and ‘defense’ tips that will get you killed. Nice to see him get shown up as a fraud,” user u/vulcan1358 wrote.
  • Good, this guy is gonna get people killed with this nonsense,” another user, u/ProbablythelastMimsy said.
The aftermath: Brown took to Instagram on Wednesday to share some details about the events leading up to the viral video.
  • The instructor alleged that Kenji, whom he described as an engineer with no martial arts background, hurt his wrist while resisting Brown during the demonstration of the defense technique.
  • Kenji allegedly took the incident personally and began complaining about his wrist. Then when the duo went back to gun disarms, Brown said Kenji already knew what they were going to do and focused more on “limp wristing and running away” instead of pretending to shoot.
  • Brown explained that he could not rush forward since the room was filled with other people, including children, and he did not want to hurt Kenji during their exercise.
  • This individual was complaining about being hurt, so I was just trying to be nice to him,” Brown said.
  • The trainer then posted some moments not shown in the viral clip, including when Kenji was pushed down to his knees and flung around during the demonstration.
  • The D.U.S.T. training system is “specifically designed to make sure that you and your family have intelligent options to increase survivability under all threat conditions,” its website states.
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