‘Leaked Screener’ for ‘Detective Pikachu’ is Now a Viral Meme and Pikachu Can Dance to ANYTHING

Pokémon fans who wanted to take a peek at the highly anticipated film “Detective Pikachu” got epically trolled by Warner Bros. with a fake full movie leak.

A feature-length video, which was made to appear like an illegal rip of the movie, was uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday, just days before the film’s worldwide release.


The lure of seeing the movie early (and for free) has got millions of fans checking out the “leak,” which turned out to be a brilliant marketing campaign by the studio.

While it is not the actual movie, the video is still undeniably entertaining as it is basically an hour and a half of Pikachu dancing to some ’80s workout music.

“Detective Pikachu” star Ryan Reynolds even pranked his followers on Twitter by posting a link of the “leaked screener” that bore his name.

Soon after the adorable dancing Pikachu went viral, netizens turned it into a meme by setting it to random songs, proving that this little Pikachu can dance to anything and everything from Beyoncé to BTS.

An eagle-eyed fan also noticed that some of Pikachu’s moves very closely resembled an iconic Key & Peele sketch:

The discovery prompted this hilarious exchange between Reynolds and Peele on Twitter:

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