Pakistani Canadian Woman Gets the Most Asian Dad Response After Landing New Job

desi dad

A tweet showing a Pakistani father’s reaction to his daughter’s text message after she told him she now has a job has gone viral.

Relatable post: Toronto Twitter user @ughneha, who goes by the name Neha on the social media platform, shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with her family through their group chat, according to The Indian Express.

  • Neha thanked her family for their support, but her Desi dad, whose name in the chat is seen as “Baba Pakistan,” told her, “Relax Neha, you haven’t won the Oscar.”
  • The post received over 34,000 retweets and more than 431,000 likes.

Reactions: Desi users found the post relatable, with some sharing their own stories about their immigrant parents.

Featured Image via Don (representation only; left), @ughneha (right)

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