These Comics Brilliantly Capture What It’s Like to Live With Depression and Anxiety

Nick Seluk, a comic artist at The Awkward Yeti,  faithfully captured the experience of a person suffering from depression and anxiety disorders in a comic strip. His idea for the illustration came from a reader, Sarah Flanigan, who shared her story about battling with anxiety and depression. Comic artist Seluk told Upworthy:

“I’ve been through and seen depression and anxiety in action, and thought Sarah’s story was so perfectly simple. We all get sick physically and mentally, but we need to be open to talking (and laughing) about [it].”

Flanigan thought it would be worth sharing if her story could help someone. She said:

“The hardest part of living with depression and anxiety for me is feeling like I have to hide it. I’ve always been known as the happy one in my group of friends. Everyone’s always so shocked when I tell them I have depression or they see the self-harm scars.”

She has been fighting depression since the early age of ten and anxiety since 16.

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