‘Karen’ Struggles to Keep Dentures in While Telling Asian Woman ‘Go Back to Your Country’


A California woman struggled to keep her dentures intact as she hurled xenophobic and racist insults during a Trump rally.

The woman, who sported Trump 2020 pins, was caught on video on Saturday in Beverly Hills.


The woman identified herself as Carla Canada before plugging her YouTube channel, “Carla and Company.”

As seen in the video, Canada was in a confrontation with an Asian counter-protester, who held a sign that said “Trump/Pence out now!”

“You’re in America!” Canada yells at the Asian woman. “Go back to where your ancestors came [from]!”

The counter-protester can be seen trying to flip Canada off. Shortly after, the latter shouts “F*ck communism!”

It was at that point when Canada’s dentures started to get loose. She struggled to identify herself after someone called her “Karen.”

“My name is –,” Canada said before her dentures dropped. She managed to catch them and put them back in place, however.

Canada’s YouTube channel shows that she has been active in similar rallies for some time. In one of her videos, she happens to be behind the camera calling another woman “Karen.”

Check it out below:


Image Screenshots via TMZ

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