What It’s Like to Be the Fattest Man in China

China’s fattest man required seven men to lift him in order to make a recent visit to the hospital, reports Chinese state media.
Thirty-three-year-old Deng Guiliang, dubbed “Fat Deng” by his neighbors in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, weighs over 575 pounds, according to the People’s Daily Online via the Daily Mail.
Deng replaced Liang Yong, who then weighed 296 pounds, as the country’s heaviest man.
He is set to undergo weight-loss treatment at a Guangzhou hospital, which he arrived to on Dec. 10 with the lifting help of seven men, because his large size is posing problems for his family.
His size prevents him from taking baths or using the restroom without the help of his wife, and he is unable to care for his children.
In his teens, Deng weighed only around 112 pounds, but began to gain weight in 2010 after losing his job.
Liang, the previous record holder for “China’s fattest man,” has been on a diet since then. With medical treatment and lifestyle changes, he now weighs only 308 pounds.
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