Singaporean Rescues Sick Food Delivery Man, Helps Deliver His Last Order

Singaporean Rescues Sick Food Delivery Man, Helps Deliver His Last Order
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 8, 2020
A Singaporean man is being called a hero for his kind gesture to a sick food delivery worker.
The good Samaritan, identified as Kelvin Tay, not only helped a GrabFood delivery rider get home but also assisted in delivering his last order.
Narrating the incident on his Facebook account, Tay said that he came across a Grab rider slouching on his motorbike at a traffic light stop while he was driving on his way home.
According to Tay, he noticed something wrong so he got out of his car to check if the rider needed help. Upon closer inspection, he found that the man already looked pale and unwell.
“He kept saying he has stomach pain. So I helped him and picked up his bike to the side of the road,” Tay wrote.
“I also told him to head home to get some rest, but the rider insisted that he needed to send the last order of the day. When I told the rider that I’ll escort him home and help send his last order, only then he was willing to go home.”
In his post, Tay urged others to be more empathetic towards the food delivery riders and advised everyone to prioritize health more than anything.
“Sometimes when Grab drivers arrive slightly late to deliver our items, it might not be done intentionally on their part. If you’re feeling unwell, take the day off and recuperate. I also hope that the young man (Grab rider) will also recover.”
Tay’s post, which has so far generated over 8,000 reactions and more than 5,000 shares, earned him praises from commenters who appreciated his good deed. 
Feature Image via Kelvin Tay
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