Delivery Man in China Fired After Switching Ordered Soup with Pee

A delivery man in Chengdu, China was recently fired for switching the soup of one customer with his own urine.

A police investigation, filed by the customer, is reportedly ongoing.

The stomach-churning incident happened on Chinese Valentine’s Day on August 28 after a woman decided to surprise her husband — who was at work at the time — with her own home cooked soup.

After preparing the meal, the wife transferred the soup into a thermos and contacted a local delivery service to deliver the food to her husband’s workplace, Chengdu Business Daily reported.

After receiving the item, the husband was startled by the odor of the soup in the container. According to the report, as translated by Shanghaiist, the man called his wife and asked if the soup had gone bad, but the woman said it was freshly prepared.

This prompted the man to call the delivery service and file a complaint.

As it turned out, the unidentified delivery man reportedly tried to pull a “prank” by deliberately drinking half of the soup from the thermos and replaced it with his own urine.

“I didn’t have any grievances, I just couldn’t find any water,” the man told the husband over the phone.

To add insult to injury, the delivery man offered to pay the husband 420 yuan (around $64) for the ruined thermos, but he turned it down.

After the incident, the delivery service’s operations director flew to Chengdu from Beijing to personally apologize to the husband for everything that happened.

However, it’s unclear if the man accepted the company’s apology for the “the strangest incident in company history.”

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