Delivery Man in Thailand Stops at Nothing to Deliver Hot Pizza to Someone in a River


One delivery guy in Thailand has earned the internet’s respect for doing all that he can to respond to the call of duty. 

Ake KB is a GrabFood delivery man who, back in April, found himself in a bit of a fix when someone asked to deliver pizza in the middle of a river. Originally, thinking the pinned location was a mistake, he was still up to the task.

Armed with only his motorbike to deliver his goods, Ake had to improvise and seek help from others. 

Fortunately for Ake, he found some helpful noodle vendors by the river back who took him to his destination. 

After successfully delivering the still-hot pizza to his customer, he narrated his short adventure on Facebook and thanked the vendors who helped him.  

In his post, Ake revealed that the grateful customer gave him a tip amounting to 100 baht ($3.19) and paid the noodle vendors 60 baht ($1.91) for the ride on their boat.

His post has racked up over 73,000 reactions, more than 28,000 shares and over a thousand comments commending him for a job well done.

Well done, Ake.

Feature Image via Ake KB

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