Viral video captures heroic moment delivery driver saves drowning woman in China

Viral video captures heroic moment delivery driver saves drowning woman in China
via Daily Chinese News Official

The 31-year-old man was given a reward of 80,000 yuan (approximately $11,220) and a scholarship for his heroic act

June 16, 2023
A delivery driver has gone viral on Chinese social media for jumping off a bridge to save a drowning woman.
What happened: In a short clip that was recently shared online, Peng Qinglin, 31, can be seen leaping from the 39-foot Xixing Bridge into the Qiantang River below. He swims toward a woman struggling in the water, then brings her to a mounted ladder nearby. 
The incident took place on Thursday in Hangzhou, China, according to local reports.
Peng shared that bystanders alerted him about the drowning woman while he was crossing the bridge on his e-bike.
The aftermath: A police speedboat was dispatched to help Peng and the woman out of the water.
Doctors found a compression fracture in Peng’s spine at the hospital. He did not undergo surgery, but he was reportedly advised to be hospitalized for seven to 10 days.
Meanwhile, the 29-year-old woman is currently at the hospital for observation, according to the authorities. She revealed that she wanted to drown herself because “life’s stresses were too overwhelming.” She also shared that she cried because she did not think that anyone would attempt to save her.
His rewards: Peng reportedly received a reward of 30,000 yuan (approximately $4,210) and a “First Class Public Security Honor Medal” from Hangzhou police. His employer, Chinese shopping platform Meituan, gave him 50,0000 yuan (approximately $7,020) and a college scholarship for his heroic act.
Commenting on the incident: In a widely circulated video interview taken after the incident, Peng shared that he felt afraid before jumping into the water.
“I was definitely frightened because the bridge looked so high, but I didn’t think too much of it, as I just wanted to save her,” he said, adding, “I’m just a delivery guy like many others. If I meet someone in danger, I will definitely lend a helping hand.”

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