Delish Wins Food Troll of the Year With ‘White Trash Sushi’ Recipe

In the wake of scathing customer reviews that claim some restaurants are best for “white trash” people, food site published a recipe that’s “so wrong, yet so right.”

Check out the “White Trash Sushi,” a convenient roll of all things that are supposedly yummy, or something, to someone somewhere.

For four servings, the dish requires 1/2 16-oz. bag frozen Tater Tots, eight slices of white bread, a half cup of mayonnaise, a half cup of shredded Cheddar cheese, 1/3 cup of sliced pickles, and a pack of mini hot dogs.

To complete the white trash experience, ranch dressing may be used for a dip.

We’re not exactly sure how this thing would taste like, but some satire won’t hurt taste buds.

Watch the video below for prep instructions:

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