Delicious Japanese Bath Powders Let You Bathe in Curry and Miso Soup

Here’s some great news for those who have dreamed of immersing themselves in a tub full of ramen, miso soup or even curry: food-scented bath powders from Japan!
From the shelves of  Village Vanguard, a popular Japanese bookstore and miscellaneous goods shop known for its offbeat and unusual products, come bath powders that are meant to be poured into a bath, but smell like a variety of savory dishes.
The products, released by the shop recently, even come in deceptively convincing packages that may make people think they can make some actual meals out of them, reported RocketNews24. Unfortunately, while they look and smell authentic, they are not really for eating.  
If a bowl of ramen energizes your day, Village Vanguard can offer you a ramen-filled bathtub instead.
Fans of other food aromas may also pick from the other available variants:
The beef bowl, or gyudon bath powder, gives out the smell of sweet braised beef and vegetables on rice:
The spicy scent of curry-scented bath powder will be heaven for all curry-lovers out there.
The Korean jjigae (stew) style hot-pot scent is also worth a try.
The unique scent of Japanese-style fried noodles (yakisoba) is also among the must-haves.
Of course, a rejuvenating dip in a tub of miso soup also sounds really tempting.
It is highly recommended that those who want to try it fill their tummies first with real food before soaking in the savory baths. These bath powders smell so authentic that they are guaranteed to make anyone hungry.
Those who wish to go skinny dipping in a pool of curry need not travel to Japan to shop for Village Vanguard’s products. Luckily, the specialty shop has an online store which sells the food-scented bath powders for 324 yen ($3.14) per packet.
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