This is ‘The World’s Strongest Coffee’ and It’s Called Death Wish

For those that rely on their coffee addiction to get them through the day, you may want give “the strongest coffee in the world” a try.
It’s called Death Wish Coffee, and was started by Mike Brown in 2011. Having worked in the coffee industry for the better part of a decade, Brown eventually asked himself, “What is the world’s strongest coffee, anyway?”
“After owning and working at a small coffee house in Saratoga Springs, I knew my love for coffee wasn’t going to end in a little shop,” Brown writes on his website. His journey to find out led to the creation of the Death Wish through specially selected coffee that goes through a unique roasting process.
For those concerned about quality, Death Wish Coffee is fairtrade, certified organic and kosher. The dark roast blend claims to contain double the amount of caffeine as standard coffee blends.
Now based in upstate New York, Brown’s coffee startup is manned by a handful of employees and coffee lovers.
If you aren’t impressed with Death Wish Coffee, they also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. A one-pound bag of Death Wish currently goes for around $20.00 on Amazon.
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