DC Comics to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with 7 variant covers, new Asian American superhero duo

dc variant aapi heritage month
  • DC Comics announced the release of seven AAPI-themed variant covers in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month in May.
  • The themed variant covers, designed by AAPI creators, will feature various characters of AAPI heritage.
  • DC’s first Earth-M line story featuring two lead Asian American characters, “Duo,” will also be released in May.

As a part of AAPI Heritage Month in May, DC has announced that they will be releasing seven AAPI-themed variant covers illustrated by AAPI creators, along with the new series “Duo,” which will feature two Asian American lead characters.

DC announced yesterday that as a part of Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month (AAPI), seven titles will feature AAPI characters on variant covers that include an AAPI logo. 

Some of the AAPI characters that will be featured on the themed variant covers include Monkey King singing karaoke, drawn by Marcus To, and Robin and Green Arrow eating KBBQ on a rooftop, drawn by Dexter Soy.


Robin #14 – Variant cover by Dexter Soy, on sale May 24
Nightwing #92 – Variant cover by Jen Bartel, on sale May 17

Along with the announcement of the seven themed variant covers was the reveal of “Duo,” a new Asian American superhero pair in DC’s first Earth-M line story. The six-issue limited series starring the two new heroes will be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by artists Khoi Pham and Scott Hanna and will debut in May.


Swamp Thing #13 – Variant cover by Anand RK, on sale May 24
Batgirls #6 – Variant cover by Audrey Mok, on sale May 10

Duo is about two Asian American doctors, Kelly Vu and David Kim, who fuse into one powerful superhero after experimenting with nanotechnology. The character of Kelly Vu is Vietnamese American while David Kim is a Korean American.

Feature Image via DC Comics

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