‘Chinese Americans For Trump’ and ‘Miss China’ Endorse Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Over Dinner

‘Chinese Americans For Trump’ and ‘Miss China’ Endorse Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Over Dinner

October 4, 2017
Bobby Lawrence, a small business owner from Pennsylvania running for the U.S. Senate in 2018, posted a video to his Instagram and Facebook pages on October 2 that showed a woman claiming to be Miss China and a man identifying himself as David Wang, the founder of the Chinese Americans for Trump organization, endorsing his campaign.
“Hello! I’m Miss China!” said the woman before she was interrupted.
“I am David Wang, the founder of Chinese Americans for Trump, and I endorse this person,” said Wang, pointing to Lawrence. “I hope he’s gonna win.”
“And this person is Bobby Lawrence for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania!” said Lawrence, further clarifying what Wang stated.
“Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” The trio rhythmically chanted.
The video, taken at what appears to be a campaign dinner, may indicate that Chinese Americans For Trump has likely lent their support to Lawrence’s campaign as the latter has enthusiastically promised to support President Trump in all his endeavors.
via FaceBook / Chinese Americans For Trump
Wang discovered his love for the president after watching a video of someone making fun of him on YouTube during his campaign last year. With his interest piqued, he spent the next five hours learning everything he could about the then-candidate; it was after that exhaustive research that he decided to become not only a dedicated Trump supporter, but a life-long republican. Organizing Chinese Americans For Trump became the next logical step in proving his devotion for the candidate.
“Some of his message I don’t particularly support, but I like 99 percent of his message,” Wang said, allowing some room for error.
via Chinese Americans For Trump
Some of Lawrence’s stances include protecting the Second Amendment, promoting a flat tax, and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.
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