David Wang: He Was Bullied For Being a Skinny Asian Kid — Now He’s a Fitness Model

This guy is every wimpy Asian kid’s hero.
David Wang was the victim of bullying as a child, becoming depressed and suicidal as he struggled with poor body image and low self-esteem. However, Wang isn’t afraid to acknowledge the one decision he made at the age of 16 that turned his whole life around.
After five years of dedication to fitness, Wang is now a certified personal trainer and a fitness model. Today, he speaks out about his transformation and the obstacles he had to overcome to be where he is.
“Growing up, I was bullied mercilessly. I still remember times when I was strangled in public and no one stood up for me. I was laughed at and beat up so many times, was the youngest in my class for the majority of my childhood years and also one of the skinniest. I was suicidal and severely depressed up until my early teen years.”
Wang recalled breaking his hand after punching a wall one day out of frustration and anger. That was when he knew he needed change in his life. He began his fitness journey by working out in his room and eventually became a trainer to help others achieve their health goals too.
“I also got NASM-certified at 18 and began training clients of all ages, developing great relationships and having the opportunity to change lives through training like I never would have imagined.”
He focused his energy to school, fitness and his clients. He credits his passion for fitness to his success in earning honors at school as well. At the age of 21, Wang became a fitness model when he signed on with Naturally Fit Agency.
Though Wang had made much physical progress, he knew that he also had to deal with his internal struggles. Wang suffered from severe social anxiety and panic attacks when he thought about attending social events. To overcome his mental obstacles, Wang began taking baby steps.
“This past year, I pushed myself to attend huge raves solo and sober and forced myself to meet new people as I always wanted to experience the scene.” As a result, he said, “These were some of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.”
From once being a bullied kid, Wang is now recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a corrective exercise specialist and fitness nutrition specialist. He also holds a bachelor of science degree in Human Biology and Exercise Physiology.
Wang’s transformation photos from the five year span show his progress in attaining a toned and muscular physique. As for his future goals, Wang wants to someday open up his own gym and to compete in powerlifting competitions. He is also working on his YouTube channel as well.
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