David So Posts EXPLICIT Photo on Instagram and Gets Reported

David So

David So has demanded Instagram to “suck [his] nuts b*tch” after the social network giant took down the Korean American comedian’s photo showing him lying on a sofa spread eagle.

So took his frustration to Twitter, where the original photo can still be found.

He explained that he was trying to spread awareness to save the animals from the bushfires in Australia.

In response to the photo being deleted, So demanded that Instagram put his “F*CKEN PHOTO BACK UP YOU HYPOCRITES!”

He then called out some viewers for being “sensitive … homophobic f*cks.”

So’s followers have come out to back his “#mussy”:

Others were inspired by So’s spreading and donated to wildlife relief efforts in Australia.

Spread it like David and donate to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy to help rescue and relocate animals and others affected by the Australian wildfires.

Feature Image via @davidsocomedy (Left, Right)

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