Dave Chappelle and a Tech Startup Team Up to Stop People From Using Their Phones

Dave Chappelle, iconic comedian and cultural treasure among millennials, has teamed up with a tech company for the ultimate solution to people who like to watch shows through the screens of their smartphones (as opposed to their own eyes).
Chappelle, who will be performing in 13 already sold-out shows in Chicago, has long since banned cell phones from his show. Unfortunately, that doesn’t deter people who can’t appreciate comedy shows as they should.
But Yondr, a technology startup, has something that will. The company is able to create cell-phone free zones at Chappelle’s Thalia Hall shows through the use of nifty little pouches.
As fans enter the venue, they have to put their phone in a Yondr case. Once inside the venue, the pouch locks itself and can not be opened while inside. If someone needs to use their phone, they can simply walk out of the venue and the pouch automatically unlocks.
Yondr founder Graham Dugoni explained that, “The goal isn’t to be the Gestapo. Technology is fine but in certain contexts, it erodes the experience.”
Yondr’s pouches aren’t exactly new. According to SFWeekly, they have already been successfully utilized at several venues for shows and concerts. They have previously been seen at comedian Hannibal Buress’ show last June as well as  at a show for electronic artist Zhu. Dugoni said:
“It’s a huge thing for Chappelle, like all comedians: how to make the show phone-free.
“People just don’t want to give up possession of their phone. It’s like an extra arm.”
Source: Hollywood Reporter
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