Dave Bautista Proud of His AAPI Heritage, Says ‘Prejudice and Bigotry’ Are ‘Foreign’ to Him

Dave Bautista

“Guardians of the Galaxy” actor and former WWE star Dave Bautista spoke out on his pride in being Asian American and condemned anti-Asian violence.

About the interview: Bautista, whose father is Filipino, said he was “very proud” and “vocal” about his Asian American heritage in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment on Friday.

  • The 52-year-old actor took pride in having a leading role as an Asian American in Netflix’s upcoming zombie movie “Army of the Dead.”
  • The actor shared how the diverse, international team provided great “chemistry” while on set.
  • If he could inspire someone, then he “wants to be that guy,” he said.
  • Bautista shared how he wanted to prove himself as an actor in another interview with Slash Film.
  • “I want to be a respected actor where people will be comfortable and confident in hiring me for any part,” he said.

On anti-Asian violence: Bautista stated prejudice and bigotry are “foreign” to him and didn’t understand how people can be hateful over “superficial things.”

  • Bautista called for “peace, love and harmony.” He also had a message for people who expressed bigotry and hatred.
  • “We’re just not going to let you be louder than us anymore and you’re going to realize that there’s more of us than there are of you,” he said.
  • The actor has also been calling out people such Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, who, according to Bautista “fan the flames of racial hatred” on Twitter, according to ET Canada.

Featured Image via ET Canada (right), Netflix (left)

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